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Jul 22, 2013 admin
A quick note from the team behind the scene.

This website seeks to solve such problems as the above XKCD comic portrays. If you disagree or find something lacking in any way, Feedback is always greatly appreciated.


This website runs on Plone, a Python-based open-source content management system, specifically version 4.3. It heavily utilizes the Diazo theming engine, has Apache and HAProxy manning the gates, and uses Munin and Nagios for monitoring. It spends its cycles on an Ubuntu virtual machine running through Hyper-V on a Windows box somewhere on the UC Davis campus.

We enlisted a number of open-source products and utilities to handle the heavy lifting throughout the website, and are entirely grateful for the developers and designers who created them. Here's a list with links to their original sources:

Plone specific

JS magic


The backbone of any website! Being of the University of California, Davis, the majority of our type is either Futura or Georgia. If your shiny computer or mobile device doesn't have Futura already, it will be sent through the tubes of the interwebs by Typekit.

A few additional icon web fonts we use are from Symbolset: Standard and Social flavors. Also, Font Awesome, and a few Dripicons.


This website was designed on a Macbook Pro, using primarily Adobe Photoshop and Sublime Text 2. It's written in HTML5 and is styled with CSS3.

The team

As any higher ed employee knows, you do what you can with the resources you've got! This website was made possible thanks to the hard work of the following individuals.

Debra Cheung

is studying Design with a Visual Communications emphasis at UC Davis. She hasn't quite found her particular niche yet, but she really, really, really enjoys typography, illustration, graphics, photography & web design. Hopefully she'll get into children illustration (and spend hours drawing and going over every detail) or web design (and sit in front of the computer coding for long hours). Chocolate and Korean pop fancies her. And so do mustaches. Especially mustaches.

Calvin Doval

Environmentalist by degree and designer by passion, graduated UC Davis with a B.S. in environmental policy analysis & planning. Not being satisfied in his major career goals, Calvin took to the book once again and taught himself design basics, HTML and CSS. After making a couple of websites from scratch he pursued this new found passion into a career position with the College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences at UC Davis. With a strong affinity for self-education, Calvin constantly seeks knowledge and self-improvement.

Thomas Pomroy

Trish Ang

Student News

Helping hands

Apr 16, 2018 Student volunteers serve the community in Monterey County

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Research News

UC Davis Receives Unique, $1.5 Million Gift from Aggie Couple

Jul 07, 2016 Michael and Joelle Hurlston have pledged $1.5 million to endow a first-of-its-kind chair position.

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Outreach News

Summer Internships

Jul 28, 2015 CA&ES students and Salinas Valley employers find common ground.

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Web Editors

Content in this section is managed by Robin DeRieux. If you have any suggestions or need something changed, please contact her at