Paul Ullrich

Paul Ullrich

Assistant Professor

Department of Land, Air and Water Resources

Office Phone: 530-400-9817


Ullrich, an assistant professor in the Department of Land, Air and Water Resources, specializes in regional climate change modeling. He completed his Ph.D. in atmospheric science at the University of Michigan before joining the UC Davis faculty in 2012.

Research interests:

Regional and global climate change, atmospheric dynamics, computational fluid dynamics, numerical methods for the geophysical sciences, model validation, verification, and uncertainty quantification, variable resolution model development.

Brief overview:

My work focuses on the design and evaluation of innovative modeling techniques that improve atmospheric general circulation models. We use these models to answer scientific questions related to atmospheric dynamics, climate change, and the interplay of regional and global scales. The earth’s changing climate will greatly affect society in the 21st century and beyond, and although global changes are well quantified (increased temperatures and weather extremes), the influence of the changing global climate on the regional scale is more poorly understood. For example, quantifying the regional availability of water resources under changing climate conditions remains difficult with existing global climate models. My work on the next generation of climate models aims to address these limitations using cutting-edge approaches such as adaptive mesh refinement, new high-order numerical methods, and scale-aware physics.

Current projects:

  • Variable and adaptive resolution climate modeling
  • Extreme weather and regional climate
  • Mixed finite-element methods for atmospheric modeling
  • Non-hydrostatic atmospheric model development and testing
  • Numerical methods for tracer transport
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