AES Term Appointment Renewal

Feb 24, 2017 CPT
Materials for submission for 2016-17

Please note: These instructions are only for the appointment renewal, NOT for the mid-term review

  1. Candidate prepares an updated publication list and provides copies of the approved AES project(s) and associated AD-421 reports. The publication list should include a caret (^) by each publication that the candidate wishes to identify as significant to the AES.

  2. Candidate prepares a summary (maximum, two pages) of AES-related research and outreach accomplishments, to include accomplishments under the candidate’s primary AES project, as well as work accomplished under the umbrella of someone else’s project or not covered by a specific AES project. This summary should include a statement describing the clientele or target group(s) that the work is intended to reach, and the activities that have sought to accomplish the outreach effort.

  3. Department chair consults with AES peers to develop a departmental recommendation regarding renewal of the term appointment. (Note: the department peer consultation process must be reviewed and approved in advance by the Associate Director or his/her designee). The department recommendation should be relatively brief, including a description of the consultation process, the faculty evaluation of the candidate’s performance (including a summary of comments), and an evaluation of the outreach efforts to the identified clientele or targeted group(s).

  4. The candidate’s statement, AES project(s) and AD-421’s, and departmental evaluation are forwarded to the appropriate dean’s office for review to ensure all documents have been received. The CBS Dean’s Office will forward the documents to the CA&ES Dean’s Office, who provides administrative support to the Term Appointment Review Committee (TARC).

  5. The TARC reviews the complete dossier and provides a recommendation to the Associate Director of the AES. Recommendations can range from non-reappointment, short-term reappointment (1-3 yrs) or full reappointment (6 yrs).

  6. Prior to submission to the Associate Director the TARC recommendations are forwarded to the appropriate associate dean with AES oversight responsibility. The associate dean can elect to concur with the TARC recommendation or write a separate recommendation. Upon completion of the associate dean’s review will be forwarded to the Associate Director along with the TARC recommendation.

  7. The Associate Director reviews the TARC and associate dean recommendations and informs department chairs and candidates of the reappointment decisions.

  8. In the case of a negative recommendation by TARC or the associate dean, or in the case where there are divergent recommendations, the Associate Director will consult with the appropriate associate dean and TARC before making a final decision.

  9. In the event of a decision not to renew the fiscal year term appointment, the candidate has 30 days to appeal and provide additional information to the associate director. The associate director will appoint an ad hoc committee to review the appeal before a final decision is rendered.

  10. In the event of a negative decision, the Associate Director notifies the chancellor of the need to end the term appointment.
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