Academic Federation Reappointment/Junior Specialist Recruitment/Appointment

Apr 30, 2018 mariroyer
CA&ES Dean's Office

Reappointments for Academic Federation (non senate) Employees

Requests for reappointment for academic federation employees now require submission of Request for Reappointment for Academic Federation form Academic Federation reappointments can no longer be extended in Payroll without approval from the Associate Dean.  Once all signatures have been obtained, including the academic federation employee, the form serves as Notice of Reappointment and candidate must receive a copy. Please also maintain a copy in the employee’s departmental personnel file.

The form can be used for all Academic Federation (non-senate) titles which include all ranks in the following title series:

  • Academic Administrator
  • Academic Coordinator
  • Adjunct Professor
  • Continuing Educator
  • Professional Research (excluding post-graduate research titles)
  • Project Scientist
  • Specialist (including junior specialists)



  1. Reappointment requests cannot request a step increase. Step increases occur through merits/promotions process in MIV.
  2. For Junior Specialists only: the form can also be submitted for junior specialist extension requests beyond 24 month limit; justification is required.
  3. This form cannot be used for employees with a visiting title. Reappointment requests for academics with a visiting title must be submitted in RECRUIT.


Recruitment of Junior Specialists

All searches must be done via Recruit in order to ensure compliance of fair hiring practices. 
Effective April 2017, search plans must be review by the following before search can begin:
(reference: Academic Advisory 2017-01 

  1. Department Chair
  2. Dean's office analyst 
  3. Associate Dean for your unit
  4. Academic Affairs Office
  5. Vice Provost

Please note: a minimum of 15 days for posting. Conflict of Interest Form is needed for each search. 

nce search is complete, departments submit a shortlist report for approval and identify candidates selected to interview. The routing is the same as search plan approval.  When the shortlist plan has been approved, the department may proceed with interview process as outlined in approved search plan.  Once a candidate has been identified as proposed candidate, department submits a search report for review/approval, the routing is the same a search plan approval. Once the search report has been reviewed/approved, department may proceed with appointment process. 

Please consult with your College Personnel Analyst for direction for pool recruitments.

Search waivers are possible under certain conditions (waivers are requested through RECRUIT)

  1. Emergency Hires: Two months appointments are possible, however search must be conducted during the two months, emergency hire candidate may apply for position. 
  2. Spousal/Partner Hire; recruitment/retention of a senate member or member of senior management group.
  3. Continuation of Training: Candidate is trainee of campus (undergraduate/graduate) who will remain for a short period of time to complete project.  Search waiver may not exceed 18 months. 
  4. Research Team: Candidate is part of existing research for a NEW FACULTY MEMBER, waiver may be in effect as long as they remain with same research team and in the same series.

New appointments and Reappointments with a step change (Step 1 to Step 2)

New appointment/reappointments with step change will be submitted in MIV for review/approval. 
Dossier to include the following:

  1. Action Form
  2. Brief department letter (recommendation: PI to write letter addressed to Department Chair requesting appointment, department chair signs letter to concur.)
  3. Curriculum Vitae
  4. Position Description  

Reappointment with NO Step change, Percentage Increases and Request for Exception reappointment beyond 24 month limit

Departments will complete Request for Reappointment for Academic Federation form. and submit to dean's office for approval via email.  The form should include a position description. Once approved, College Personnel analyst will forward approved reappointment form to department.  Department will forward to employee. 

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