Fiscal Year Term Appointment Review

Feb 24, 2017 mariroyer
Annual Call 2016-17


Since 1996, split appointments to the professorate and the Agricultural Experiment Station (AES) have been made on the basis of "fiscal year term (FYT) appointments." These FYT appointments have included a permanently budgeted, tenure-track nine-month (academic year term) (AYT) appointment, with a term-limited 11-month (fiscal year) appointment and salary for the number of years specified in a memorandum of understanding signed by the appointee. Initial appointments at the time of hire were generally made for a period of six years, with the understanding that a candidate's contributions to the AES would then be reviewed and a decision made regarding renewal.

Formal Process

The formal process for performance review and renewal decision was established and implemented in 2002-03. We encourage academics to consider both the merit and the FYT reappointment at the same time; however, please note that the question of renewal of the FYT appointment is a personnel action that is separate and distinct from the question of academic advancement up the professorial ladder. Candidates for promotion or merit advancement, who hold AES appointments are concomitantly reviewed for their AES performance under the policy of UCD 320.  Candidates for renewal of FYT appointments are reviewed within the  AES (as distinct from the Academic Senate) and their overall AES performance since initial term appointment or last renewal will be reviewed.   Please note:  because the review process is conducted by two distinct review committees, two separate letters must be prepared regarding the merit/promotion and the reappointment.

The purpose of the review is to evaluate each faculty member's contributions toward meeting the mission of the AES and to effectively advise the Associate Director of the AES on the continuation of the individual's FYT appointment. The review process will initiate in the department/section and will be forwarded to the AES Term Appointment Review Committee (TARC), a committee appointed by the Associate Director. The deadline for the department/section to submit their recommendation to the TARC is February 15, 2017. Following review and a recommendation to renew, a new memorandum of understanding will be signed by all parties to reflect the new expiration of the fiscal-year term appointment.

Evaluation Criteria

Renewal of the fiscal-year term position will be based on research and outreach programs that advance the missions of AES. Renewals will normally be for a period of six years, but a lesser duration may be recommended by the TARC if appropriate. Evaluation criteria, as described in the original MOU signed by candidates at the time of appointment, include:

  1. Publication of original research addressing issues that are deemed appropriate to the mission of the AES;
  2. Maintaining one or more current, active, and approved AES projects;
  3. Evidence of involvement in outreach, such as participation in workgroups' presentations to and/or cooperative involvement with clientele groups consistent with the AES mission (See UCD 320-10 and the attached Outreach Expectations).
    a. To help recognize evidence of outreach, TARC has requested that both the department recommendation and the candidate's statement include "evidence of involvement in outreach, such as active participation in workgroups with documentation of dates, locations and formats of workgroup-related activities.
    b. Faculty whose outreach programs include significant involvement with K-12 educational institutions are encouraged to describe carefully in their self-statement both the quality and quantity of their engagement activities.
  4. Normative academic progress achieved through the campus' academic merit and promotion process. TARC requests that the departmental letter include a statement indicating whether or not the candidate has made normative academic progress, including current faculty rank and step, and the date of the most recent advancement. If the candidate is judged not to be making normative progress, include a statement on the prospect for advancement within the following three years.


If you have additional questions, please contact your College Personnel Analyst

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