Counters & Pullers

Jun 17, 2013 Cal Doval




As counters, you should verify the number of seats in each row on the main floor prior to each ceremony. Please note the number of chairs for each ceremony might be different. Please check your Pavilion Map to see how many students are seated on the Southeast & Southwest sides. There should be a certain number of rows of chairs each for ceremony (## chairs total). YOU MUST do a pre count before you start your assignment to ensure the correct number of chairs are on the floor. We do not want to be scrambling for chairs during the procession! 




As pullers you will walk simultaneously with the “counter” down the sides of main floor (on the outside of the chairs) to the second row of seats (closest to the stage), to become the “puller”. The puller’s responsibility is to make sure each student goes all the way to the end of the row and stands in front of their seat. Please note that students are often not paying attention and will most likely need to be told to keep going, or sometimes physically pulled to their seats (nicely of course!) from behind – the seats are really close together and students don’t realize that they are actually taking up two seats. If students do not move quickly this can back up the processional, and throw off the counter at the other end. We have a certain number of seats on the floor, so if the counter counts incorrectly, we could end up with not enough seats left at the back of the floor for the graduates.

During the Ceremony

If you are wearing a robe, you may sit on the east and west sides of the main floor against the wall during the ceremony.

If you see candidates throwing beach balls, toilet paper rolls, tortillas etc., we ask that you please help in removing them. 

Clean up

At the conclusion of each ceremony, please collect any leftover programs and return them to the Volunteer Room. Those who were wearing aprons will need to restock their aprons with the extra supplies for the next ceremony! If this is the last ceremony please return your supplies to the Line Up supply box and return the box to the Volunteer Room.

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