Limited Mobility/Handicap Assistance

Jun 17, 2013 Cal Doval

You must be set up and ready at your station by 7:45 a.m./12:45 p.m.
Each staff person should pick up a laminated map of the Pavilion at the volunteer check in room
Limited Mobility locations
SW Entrance, section 207
SE Entrance, section 226
NE Entrance, section 220
NW Entrance, section 213
You be responsible for assisting guests with limited mobility and handicap sections. Please stand at your sections corner closest to the wheelchair seating. Guests in wheelchairs can sit in each corner of the pavilion on the concourse level with ONE companion.  You will need to get a folding chair for the companion who accompanies the wheelchair from behind the bleachers and put it on the “C” labeled on the floor.  Those who have limited mobility can sit in the top rows if the concourse level in sections 207; 226; 220; and 213.  Please help monitor these limited mobility areas so they are not filled up by regular guests. If a problem arises, please ask the nearest security officer for assistance.
If any guests are hearing impaired they can check out a listening device from the Guest Services Room. If you have enough staff in your section please walk them down to the Equipment Room and help them check out a device.
Doors open at 8 a.m./1 p.m. at Southeast and Southwest Concourse Entrances. If guests ask about program they are being sold outside & in the Northwest corner inside for $10, they can pick up a mini timeline program at the door. The Northeast entrance is for guests with disabilities and those with Reserved Seating tickets. The Northeast Arena level entrance is to be used only by staff volunteers, stage party members, faculty, musicians, photographers, and ARC Pavilion staff.   Please direct guests with VIP/Reserved Seating tickets to section 212.
Crowd Control

Before the doors open please double check to see if security staff are stationed at the bleachers on the main floor and stationed it the stairwell steps to the main floor. If there is no security staff monitoring this crowd control sections please notify the commencement coordinator so we can assign staff at that location.

Use your laminated copy of the Pavilion map, which you should have picked up at check in, to help guest get seated.
Please help keep the traffic moving away from the doorways so the entrances doesn’t become obstructed.

Please keep an eye out and assist security with crowd control by looking for spectators who have bullhorns, toilet paper, tortillas, beach balls, etc. If you find audience members with any of these items, or see any other disruptive behavior, we ask that you report the person immediately to the nearest Aggie Host/Police Officer or ARC staff person. During the ceremony please frequently check lobby level hallways and stairwells for spectators trying to get onto the main floor.

Note that protestors may be at the ceremony.  While we expect that they will remain civil and not come inside, we do need extra eyes and ears.
Clean up
At the conclusion of each ceremony if you are not working the next ceremony you will need to turn in your laminated Pavilion map for the next person.

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