Master Advisers (Student Line-up)

Jun 17, 2013 Cal Doval

You will be in charge of assisting the master advisers in the student line-up area on Hutchinson field. Please remember to pick up your supply box when you check in at the Volunteer room.
In the supply box you will find a list of the Master Adviser, please check them in as they arrive.
Assist Master Advisers with their hoods as they arrive and direct them to where their major is lining up. The Master Adviser will be the first person in each major line, followed by the banner carrier who will be wearing a yellow Student Marshal badge and then remaining students in the major.

The Master Advisers will process in with the student lines and be seated with the students on the main floor. Please be sure the Master Advisers are aware of their responsibilities and ensure they are clear about their role. When it is time for them to present their major staff hosts will dismiss each row to line up at the photographer’s station and proceed to the stage.  The Master Adviser will announce their major(s) at the microphone, continue across the stage, and stand at the end to shake each of their students’ hands. When their last student passes they will return to their seat.
Only if a master adviser did not show up please give the major card (in supply box) to the first student in line wearing the yellow Student Marshal badge so they can present it to the reader to the microphone who will announce their major.
In between assisting Master Advisers please help the line up team with the students as time permits.
As the Master Advisers process into the Pavilion please stand in the hallway and check their robes again as they walk in!! (we often see master advisers walking to their chairs still trying to fix their hoods)
Clean up
At the conclusion of each ceremony please clean up your supply box and prepare supplies for the next ceremony. If this is the last ceremony please return your supply box to the Volunteer room.

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