Reserved Seating/VIP assistance

Jun 17, 2013 Cal Doval

At 7:30 a.m./12:30 p.m. go to the Reserved Seating area located on the Lobby Level, Section 212 to set up. Make sure the ARC staff has clearly signed the VIP seating area. You can use the crape paper to rope off the section better if needed.
You will have a clipboard with the guest names that are expected to sit in this section. Please encourage your VIP guests to not leave any empty seats between them!
If other guests ask about this seating section you can inform them that it is reserved for friends of the college, family of participating dignitaries, stage party and faculty members and requires an additional “Reserved Seating” card for each guest. You will have a list of individuals for this seating area. Their regular admission ticket will be taken at the door and guests will need to show you’re their VIP card and give you’re their name (or who they are a guest of) to sit in this reserved seating area. Watch for approaching guests with this white VIP card and assist them to find a seat. They can keep the reserved seating card so they can show it to you again if they need to leave and return.
The main doors will be opened at 8 a.m./1 p.m. Seating in these areas is limited to the individuals on the list and with a VIP card. If all of your guests are checked in you can release the remainder of the seats to the general public or if it is after 9:15 a.m./2:15 p.m. you may open the empty seats to regular guests as you see fit. There will be police officers and Aggie Hosts ARC staff to assist you if you need help keeping this area secure.
We need to remember to be as sensitive as possible and assist other guests also wherever possible.
Please save a seat for yourself so you can stay throughout the ceremony and assist our VIP guests if they need anything. At the end of the ceremony ask the VIP guests if you can be of any further assistance or answer any questions.
Clean up
At the conclusion of each ceremony, you will need to clean up and reuse the reserved signs for the next ceremony.  Please clean up the seats and litter in your section and help prepare it for the next ceremony. If this is the final ceremony please check all your materials and supplies back into the volunteer room.

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