Stage Party

Jun 17, 2013 Cal Doval

Please note that breakfast for the stage party will be served in the Special Events room from 7:30 a.m. to 8:45 a.m. and lunch will be served in Raquetball Court # 3 starting at 11:15 a.m.  Please direct the Stage Party and their invited guests accordingly.
At 7:30 a.m./12:30 p.m. set up the extra chairs on the main floor, near the Special Events room, in case of an unexpected guest & for you to sit at during the ceremony.
Double check the stage to make sure there is no garbage, extra boxes, supplies, etc. left on the stage. Make sure the mace is in the Special Events room and your Marshal knows where it is. Make sure the college banner and pole are assembled and in the Special Events room and your banner carrier knows where it is.
To help with lining up stage party in the hallway you can use the label in your supply box to label the floor in the Northeast Arena level hallway so everyone can see how to line up (use diagram in the cue book).
Members of the Stage Party will enter at the Northeast Entrance, Arena level and assemble in the Special Events Room (main floor) by 8 a.m./1 p.m. Assist the stage party with robes and hoods. Make sure all stage party members have a cue book. Some will bring the one sent to them, some will not.
Please remind the stage party to recess off the stage, down the center aisle, up the stairs in the Southeast corner and back to the Special Events Room per the cue book. Volunteers and Aggie Hosts will keep the area clear for the recessional to the Special Events Room. The banner carriers should be reminded to place their awards on their chair on stage prior to picking up the college banner when they are getting ready to recess.
Development STAFF NAME will be responsible for making sure our guest speaker receives “red carpet treatment” throughout the day.
Photographer assistance
STAFF NAME: When you check in at the Volunteer Room please introduce yourself to the photographers from GradImages. You will be helping them assemble the Stage Party to take pictures and keep everyone on time! The first groups to assemble for pictures will be the students and their families. Each student may take about 4-5 pictures with their family. Talk to the photographer when they are ready to start, probably about 8am/1pm. Help round up each group out of the special events room. After all the student pictures are taken with their families please excuse the families from the special events room and ask them to take their seats in the VIP section.  The below list of pictures should be completed in this order and needs to be finished no later than 8:40am/1:40pm!
□       Student speaker with families

□       Student award winners with families

□       Chancellor & dean with student speakers

□       Chancellor & dean with student award winners

□       Chancellor & dean with guest speaker student

□       All stage party

Student Award winners & Student speaker assistance
STAFF NAME will also be responsible for making sure our students and their guests receive red carpet treatment. While the student speaker’s families are there please present them with their student speaker certificate. Please make sure the families and guests do not interrupt the Stage Party in the special events room. Help Kim assemble them for their pictures and then excuse them from the special events room. If the family is there for the afternoon ceremony please walk them to the racquet ball courts for lunch and join them if you like.
Line Up
STAFF NAME, At 8:45 a.m./1:45 p.m. start lining up members of the stage party according to the diagram in the cue book in the Northeast Arena Level Hallway.  
STAFF NAME At 8:45 a.m./1:45 p.m. make sure Diane Ullman or readers is ready to go to the stage to make her announcement.  She must be on stage at 8:50 a.m./1:50 p.m. to make the presentation on academic dress in the United States. She returns to the Stage Party line-up following the presentation to prepare for the processional. NOTE: As soon as the stage party processes onto the stage please take the College Banner from the student banner carrier standing on stage so they can sit and place it in the first banner box hole on the side walls.  Lastly right before the ceremony is finished you will need to get the College Banner and give it to the banner carrier right as they come off stage so they can recess with it.
STAFF NAME at 8:50 a.m./1:50 p.m. escort the College Banner Carrier go up the stairs near the Special Events Room, turn right down the Lobby Level hallway, and go down the Southeast stairwell. The commencement coordinator will cue them when it is their turn to process.   
STAFF NAME At 9:00 a.m./1:00 p.m., with the Marshal in front of the stage party, lead the Stage Party up the stairs at Northeast Arena level, turn right down the Lobby level hallway. Use the Southeast Corner, Lobby level stairwell. The commencement coordinator will cue the Stage Party when it is their turn to process. Please note that the Stage Party will process down the center aisle on their own with the Marshal leading them—staff volunteers will NOT be leading them down the center aisle this year.
The order of the procession is:
v  the college banner carrier-single, by themselves
v  candidates-double lines
v  faculty-double lines
v  the marshal single, by themself
v  Chancellor and Dean and finally the stage party- double lines
Please remind the stage party that they will recess down the center aisle and back to the Special Events Room the way same way they came from, and the Chancellor will be the last person in the recessional. Aggie Hosts will keep the area clear for the recessional to the Special Events Room.
Clean up
At the conclusion of each ceremony reorganize your supply box and make sure you have enough materials and resources for the next ceremony.
At the end of the day please pack up your supplies and check you materials back into to the volunteer room.

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