Student Line-up

Jun 17, 2013 Cal Doval

ALL STAFF please be at your position and ready to work by 7:15am/12:15pm. In your supply box, that should be picked up from the Volunteer room, you will find aprons and extra safety pins, bobby pins, name cards and pens. Your aprons should be pre-stuffed but in the afternoon your will have to re-stuff them with supplies. Your job will be to help students line up with their majors. Encourage all candidates to neatly print their first and last name on the name card. Candidates will be handing these cards to the reader as they cross the stage. Please note the reverse side of the name card must also be completed!
Lines should start near the sidewalk and extend on the field away from the pavilion. Umbrella stands for the major banner poles should be delivered by 7:15am. Please set up and spread out the umbrella stands out across Hutchinson Field for the major banners to be placed in, please use the labels in your volunteer box to label the stands. Review your list of majors to see how many students are walking in that major and estimate how far apart the stand should be spread out. Students will need to be encouraged to assemble behind their major banner.
Master Advisers assistance-please see Master Adviser volunteer instructions above
Please keep an eye out for students bringing in alcohol or other prohibited items. The security staff will be conducting a robe search. Please inform them or radio security if you feel a student needs to be searched immediately.
Water stations will only be provided outside, please encourage students to drink lots of water since it will be a long ceremony and there will be no water inside.
Start lining up your lines and marching in your candidates at 8:40 a.m./1:40 p.m. The lines of candidates must be inside, at the threshold of the main floor, by 8:50 a.m./1:50 p.m., and ready to start the processional.-SEE ESCORT STUDENTS INTO HALL for next assignments
Clean up
At the conclusion of each ceremony, you will need to clean up Hutchinson field. Clean up any leftover garbage and reorganize your supply box. Those who were wearing aprons will need to restock their aprons with the extra supplies between ceremonies.

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