Financial Services Group

Mar 26, 2014 Brian McElligot

The Financial Services Group (FSG) includes Chief Administrative Officers and account managers within the College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences. The FSG was created to provide a forum for sharing of ideas/practices, informal training and discussion of financial topics. Meetings are held on a regular basis and are facilitated by members of the College Financial Team (a.k.a. Analyst Alley).

Clusters and departments are invited to suggest topics for discussion, as well as lead discussions. Each meeting focuses on 1-2 topics that are the most timely and/or of greatest interest to the group. The limit on the number of topics allows time for more in-depth discussion of each topic. Ideally, each cluster/department will be represented by at least one person (the more the merrier) so the attending members can take back information to those who could not attend.

FSG Meeting Goals:

  • Create opportunities for regular interaction between account managers
  • Freely share knowledge/experiences/ideas
  • Provide opportunities for active participation and contributions from attendees
  • Focus on positive, proactive ways we can navigate the changes that continue to come our way
  • Document best practices for our College – living documents that can be revised as needed
  • Provide refreshers for processes like fiscal close that we only perform once a year
  • Give account managers exposure to job functions they aren’t currently performing

How to Join the FSG:

Any account manager in the College is invited to join FSG. Analyst Alley maintains an e-mail listserv of FSG members that is used to send announcements and reminders for upcoming meetings. To be added or removed from the listserv, please contact  and provide your name and email address.

FSG Meeting Topics & Materials:

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