Salary Savings

May 22, 2014 Brian McElligot

Faculty are encouraged but not required to direct charge their effort to grants throughout the year in exchange for a release of salary savings from the Dean's Office. This type of direct charge will not increase the faculty member's personal income, but will result in a transfer of general funds that can be used at the faculty member's discretion to pay for lecturers to teach their courses, or to support their research or outreach programs.

CA&ES Policy for Release of Salary Savings

Effective July 1, 2012 salary savings resulting from direct charging faculty and CE Specialist effort to extramural funds and/or to administrative appointments* will be released as follows:

  • 90% to the faculty member's department with a suggested guideline** of:
      • 75% to the faculty member to fund a lecturer for teaching buyout, and/or for support of the faculty member's research and outreach activity
      • 15% to the department chair to help mitigate effects of department budget reductions
  • 10% to the CA&ES dean to help fund startup packages for new faculty hires

Faculty salary savings resulting from faculty taking leave without pay and/or from faculty positions vacated mid-year will be released to the CA&ES dean. In these cases, department chairs may request allocation of some of the I&R savings to hire a lecturer if necessary to cover a critical course that was normally taught by the faculty member.

* Some faculty serve in administrative appointments with no salary provided from the administration unit.  In these cases, there are no salary savings to be released.

** Departments may develop their own formula or basis for sharing the 90% savings between faculty and department.

Requesting Release of Salary Savings

Salary Savings Template

To request release of salary savings, departments e-mail a completed Salary Savings Template spreadsheet to for review and approval. For savings generated on Chart 3 UC Fund 19900 accounts, the template assumes that departments are retaining 15% of the salary savings and passing 75% to the faculty member. For savings generated on Chart L UC Fund 19900 accounts, the template assumes departments are retaining 25% of the salary savings and passing 75% to the faculty member. If your department has agreed upon a different split, please change the spreadsheet to indicate the appropriate split for your department. If you are requesting release of salary savings for Cooperative Extension Specialists being paid in Chart L on UC Fund 19900, the released funds will need to be fully expended by June 30.

NOTE: It is NOT necessary to request academic salary releases for direct charges related to AES Federal Formula Funds (AES-FFF). As soon as the Dean's Office receives the Federal Formula Funds from Agricultural & Natural Resources, we will release these salary savings to your department.

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