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May 28, 2013 Debra Cheung


Identify the standard products/outputs that have been achieved during this reporting period. This includes only publications, patents, and applications for plant variety protection (PVP). You will report other types of products/outputs on the "Other Products" page.

NOTE: Include only those publications not previously reported.

Report only the major publication(s) resulting from the work under this project/award. If there is a publication that occured any time throughout the life of the project thus far but that you have NOT YET INCLUDED on a previous progress report, then you should include it here. There is no restriction on the number. However, agencies are interested in only those publications that most reflect the work under this project/award. See definitions below for the categories of publications.

  • Publications are the characteristic product of research. Agencies evaluate what the publications demonstrate about the excellence and significance of the research and the efficacy with which the results are being communicated to colleagues, potential users, and the public, not the number of publications.
  • Journal publications: Peer-reviewed articles or papers appearing in scientific, technical, or professional journals. Include any peer reviewed publication in the periodically published proceedings of a scientific society, a conference, or the like. A publication in the proceedings of a one-time conference, not part of a series, should be reported under “Books or other non-periodical, one-time publications.”
  • Books or other non-periodical, one-time publications: Any book, monograph, dissertation, abstract, or the like published as or in a separate publication, rather than a periodical or series. Include any significant publication in the proceedings of a one-time conference or in the report of a one-time study, commission, or the like.
  • Other publications, conference papers and presentations: Identify any other publications, conference papers and/or presentations not reported above.


Patents and Plant Variety Protections (PVP)

Identify inventions for which patents or plant variety protection (PVP) has been or will be sought. Include patent/PVP applications that have been filed with the patent or PVP office for more than 18 months. Include the date of application for an award of patent /PVP protection and/or licenses that have resulted from the research. Submission of this information as part of this Progress Report is not a substitute for any other invention reporting required under the terms and conditions of any award.


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