AES Federal Formula Fund (AREERA) Accounting

May 31, 2013 Debra Cheung

There are three (3) different types of formula grants / AES projects – Hatch, Hatch/Multistate and Animal Health.  Hatch and Hatch/Multistate projects are further subdivided into the categories of “Regular" (non-Integrated) and “Integrated” research.  The Regular / Integrated distinction does not exist for Animal Health projects.

Definition of Integrated activities:

Integrated activities are jointly planned, funded, and interwoven between research (AES) and the Extension to solve problems. This includes the generation of knowledge and the transfer of information and technology.

Examples of Integrated activities include joint research (AES) and Cooperative Extension personnel appointments. In addition, Integrated activities may include workshops, training, centers, projects, and meetings for Extension purposes.

All campuses receiving AES federal formula funds are required to administer appropriations, expenditures and reporting for each AES project on an annual basis, with no co-mingling of funds between years, and no co-mingling of funds between Integrated / Regular projects.  The following system was implemented to meet federal criteria for managing AES formula funds:

USDA-NIFA Agricultural Experiment Station (AES) Projects
Formula Funded: Hatch, Hatch/Multistate and Animal Health

Kuali Account ID Scheme

All CA&ES and CBS Kuali accounts generated for AES formula funded projects must follow the following format.

Account ID# = 3-AXXXXXX (7 characters of Account ID), where:

Character 1 = “A” for Agricultural Experiment Station

Character 2 & 3 = two alpha character department designator.  See below for CA&ES and CBS departmental two character designation:

EC - Agricultural & Resource Economics
AS - Animal Science
BA - Biological & Agricultural Engineering
EN - Entomology & Nematology
ES - Environmental Science & Policy
ET - Environmental Toxicology
FS - Food Science & Technology
HE - Human Ecology
IN - Independent (no dept)
LW - Land, Air & Water Resources
NT - Nutrition
PS - Plant Sciences
PP - Plant Pathology
TX - Textiles & Clothing
VE - Viticulture & Enology
WF - Wildlife, Fish & Conservation Biology

EV - Evolution & Ecology
MC - Microbiology & Molecular Genetics
MB - Molecular & Cellular Biology
NP - Neurobiology, Physiology & Behavior
PB - Plant Biology

Character 4 = one of seven possible numbers (1-2, 5-9) representing one of seven possible Federal Planned Program Areas:

(1) Healthy Families and Communities
(2) Sustainable Food Systems
(5) Endemic and Invasive Pests and Diseases
(6) Sustainable Natural Ecosystems
(7) Sustainable Energy
(8) Climate Change
(9) Water Quality, Quantity and Security

Federal Planned Program Areas 1-2, 5-9: Descriptions

Characters 5, 6, & 7 = used by department as needed and in any method desired to uniquely identify the AES projects within the department.  There are 46,656 alpha/numeric possible combinations (A-Z, 0-9) for the combined 3 characters.

Sub Fund and OP Fund information


Funds for Hatch project accounts:

Regular Hatch (H)
  • Odd-year OP fund: 21005
  • Even-year OP fund: 21006
Integrated Hatch (H)
  • Odd-year OP fund: 21009
  • Even-year OP fund: 21010

Funds for Hatch/Multistate project accounts:

Regular Hatch/Multistate (RR)
  • Odd-year OP fund: 21015
  • Even-year OP fund: 21016
Integrated Hatch/Multistate (RR)
  • Odd-year OP fund: 21013
  • Even-year OP fund: 21014

Funds for Animal Health project accounts:

Regular and Integrated Animal Health (AH)
  • Odd-year OP fund: 21003
  • Even-year OP fund: 21004

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