REEport Project Initiation Classification

May 28, 2013 Debra Cheung

Forestry Component Definition

Research in the production, utilization, and protection of forestland, including research projects in the following areas:

  • Reforestation and land management
  • Forest and watershed management
  • Forest and rangeland management
  • Management of forest lands for outdoor recreation
  • Protections of forest and resources against fire, insects, disease, etc.
  • Utilization of wood and other forest-related products
  • Development of land management policies
  • Studies promoting fullest and most effective use of forest resources


Animal Health Component Definition

Research promoting animal health, including projects in the following areas:

  • Improving the health and productivity of domestic livestock, poultry, aquatic animals, and other income-producing animals essential to the nation’s food supply
  • Treatment and prevention of diseases in domesticated and wild species that would endanger the Nation’s food supply
  • Minimizing livestock and poultry losses due to transportation and handling
  • Protecting human health through control of animal diseases transmissible to humans


Definition of Integrated Activity

  • An integrated activity is defined as a jointly planned, funded, and interwoven activity between research (AES) and extension to solve a problem. This includes the generation of knowledge and the transfer of information and technology.
  • Examples of integrated activities include joint research (AES) and Cooperative Extension personnel appointments.  In addition, integrated activities may include workshops, training centers, projects, and meetings for Extension purposes.
  • For USDA-NIFA grants (such as NRI competitive grants, AFRI competitive grants, Special grants, and other NIFA grants), integrated activities are those that bring together the three components of the agricultural knowledge system (research, education, and extension) around a problem area or activity.

Note: If you check "yes" that the project is an integrated activity, you will be required to fill out the activity percentage fields that follow.



Once you enter any percentage for the "research" category, additional percentage box fields will appear on the page asking you to classify the type of research (basic, applied, developmental) into percentages. The percentages on each section must always add up to 100%.

* Do not use the "Education" activity type for AES projects (Hatch, Multistate, Animal Health).

Note: If you checked "yes" that this project is an integrated activity, then you must fill in these activity percentage fields.

  • Basic: Research that has a primary goal of gaining knowledge or understanding of a subject.
  • Applied: Research that has a primary goal of the practical application of knowledge to meet a recognized need.
  • Developmental: Research findings to produce useful materials, devices, systems, or methods.


Classification Codes

Each project in REEport must be assigned at least one code from each of the three series of Primary Classification. To allow for identification of multiple objectives of a research project, a maximum of ten (10) codes from each of the three series is permitted on a single project.

  • Knowledge Area(s) (KA).  KA describes broad categories of research, extension, and/or education within a general topic area. The KA may encompass several activities or subcategories. Select and enter the classification code for the particular KA the project addresses. Many projects may require entry of more than one KA to adequately describe the scope of the work or activity covered by the project. 
  • Subject(s) of Investigation (SOI). SOI identifies the commodity, product, organism, entity, resource, or technology representing the intended target or focus of the research or for which the application of the research is intended. Many projects may require entry of more than one SOI per KA to adequately describe the research target. 
  • Field(s) of Science (FOS). FOS codes identify the specific science or technology that constitutes the basic mechanism of the investigation. Many projects may require entry of more than one FOS per KA and SOI to adequately classify the project. 


Percentages are assigned to each line of classification; that is, to each unique Knowledge Area-Subject of Investigation-Field of Science combination. Percentages are assessments of time, money, and/or material, each expressed as a percent of the whole, which may be allotted to each listed combination. 

For more information, see the NIFA Classification Manual.


Planned Program Area

If this project is a Hatch or Hatch/Multistate project, this drop down menu includes the Planned Programs that the University of California currently has on file in its approved AREERA State Plan of Work. Please choose the Planned Program which best serves as the "umbrella" under which this project would fall (i.e. this project supports or adds to achieving the overall goals/objectives of the Planned Program).

Note that if the drop down list is not populated with Planned Programs from which to choose, that means you have not entered and saved a start date for your project on the Cover Page in this module.

By classifying this project under one of these "umbrella" Planned Programs, NIFA will be able to automatically calculate such items as funding amounts and classifications on behalf of the Land Grant so that they do not have to do so manually in their AREERA Plan of Work or Annual Reports of Accomplishment and Results.

Federal Planned Program Area (1-9) Descriptions


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