REEport Frequently Asked Questions

Sep 19, 2013 admin

Are Co-Project Directors required? Why is there a * on this field in REEport?

  • Co-Project Directors are not required.  The * is not next tot he "Co-Project Director" heading, but next to each identifying field under this heading.  This is meant to signify that IF you have a Co-Project Director, the following fields with a * ARE required: First Name, Last Name, and Department.

Can I copy and paste a list (separated by comma or semicolon) of keywords into the keywords screen?

  • No, each keyword or keyword phrase must be entered as a separate line.  Click the blue [+] button to add extra lines for additional keywords and keyword phrases.

What should I upload in the project proposal screen?

  • You do not need to upload the project proposal, also known as the scientific outline, on this screen.  Skip past this screen by clicking the Next button, and complete all other screens in the project initiation.  Once you get to the final screen, if "project proposal can't be blank" is the only error message, then you are done with the project initiation.
  • As indicated on the AES proposal checklist, once peer review has been completed you should email the scientific outline (Word document), mission-outreach statement (Word document), and peer review certification (signed PDF document) to the CA&ES Dean's Office, who will handle the project proposal upload and submission.

REEport asks for Animal Health Component in the classification screen.  What should I enter here?

  • For Hatch (H) and Multistate (RR) type projects, enter 0%
  • For Animal Health (AH) type projects, enter 100%
  • In our experiment station, only AH type projects receive Animal Health formula funding. All Hatch (H) and Multistate (RR) type projects receive no Animal Health funds and therefore should have 0% Animal Health Component classification.

Associated Planned Programs asks for a percentage, why?

  • In our experiment station, we require every AES project to be classified with one primary Planned Program Area for reporting purposes.  You should always select the main Planned Program Area, and enter 100%
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