Andrew Collum

Feb 01, 2017 admin
Undergraduate in Ecological Management and Restoration

Andrew’s journey to UC Davis started with a friend who was a herpetology major, and a volunteer at the raptor center. “She would always tell me about her classes, and show me what she was studying. It always managed to capture my attention and fascinate me.” As a non-traditional student, Andrew was working, but felt like he could be doing more with his life. He decided to return to junior college and made sure he was prepared to transfer. After visiting UC Davis, he was impressed by the research and exhibits available. “I knew that it was the best place for my next step in education.” Andrew chose to major in Ecological Management and Restoration and spent the summer working for the forestry service as a wildlife biotech doing owl surveys. After this experience and seeing the havoc that was wrought by the rim fire, Andrew decided he would like to work for the forestry service in the sierras.

Thanks to the Francis J. Saunders Scholarship, Andrew has the comfort of knowing that he can concentrate on his studies, without constantly worrying about how to pay for his education. He wants to thank his donors for “everything you do to ensure I, and other students, am able both fulfill my personal dreams of restoring the environment, and allowing me the satisfaction of becoming another academic that will be able to do research that will help all.” This gift has had such an impact on Andrew, we would one day like to establish a scholarship of his own to help more students pursue their dreams.

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