Erin Rexin

Feb 01, 2017 admin
Undergraduate in Wildlife, Fish, and Conservation Biology

Erin is a San Diego, CA resident majoring in Wildlife, Fish, and Conservation Biology. She chose to attend UC Davis because of the amazing Wildlife program offered and, in part, because of the helpful advice of a UC Davis professor. The summer before applying, Erin visited UC Davis and spoke to Dr. Van Vuren. Erin says he was, “so helpful and patiently answered every one of my questions… I was overwhelmed by his kindness and this singular interaction went a long way toward convincing me UC Davis was the right university for me.”

As the student representative for the UC Davis chapter of the nationally recognized Wildlife Society, Erin collaborates with other clubs on campus to offer members a diverse opportunity to network and enjoy outdoor activities. She also attends the quarterly meetings of the Wildlife Society's Western Section.

After graduation she hopes to have a career either as an environmental lawyer working to create, implement and provide oversight for the laws and policies governing wildlife conservation and ecological protection, or as a wildlife biologist focused on in-situ conservation and long-term management techniques for ecosystem preservation.

Receiving the Lloyd W. Swift Student Support Scholarship allows Erin to focus on her school work, resulting in her continued placement on the Dean's List, instead of taking on a second job. It also serves as a reminder that others have confidence in her ability to succeed as a student and as a professional. Erin pushes herself every day, “not only for me and my family, but for the generous support provided by the scholarship donors.”

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