New 3-Day Pistachio Production Course

Sep 12, 2014 Diane Nelson University of California, Davis
UC Davis is now offers a three-day pistachio production course.
New 3-Day Pistachio Production Course

Nuts growing in a pistachio orchard. (Photo Credit: Diane Nelson / UC Davis)

The latest advances in pistachio production will take center stage at a three-day extension course in Visalia in November, offered by the Fruit and Nut Center at UC Davis and University of California Cooperative Extension. The course, Advances in Pistachio Production, will be held Nov. 18 through Nov. 20 in the Visalia Convention Center.

"This course sets the standard for UC pomology extension courses with a wide array of farm advisor, specialist, and faculty instructors representing decades of experience in California pistachio production,” said Louise Ferguson, Cooperative Extension specialist with the UC Davis Department of Plant Sciences. “Topics span the full range of pistachio production including tree biology, orchard establishment, pruning, irrigation, nutrition, pest management, harvest and postharvest.”

In addition to the essentials of California pistachio production, the course will feature new lectures on hot topics, including:

  • You know that feeling of walking into an orchard and realizing something is wrong? Farm advisors will help growers figure out what’s wrong and how to fix it, outlining the diagnostic process they use to determine the cause of poor production or tree health.
  • Although pistachio is more tolerant of salinity than most tree crops, excess salinity does affect pistachio tree biology and production. Combing pistachio biology with data from ongoing research projects, experts will provide the latest production recommendations for irrigation under saline conditions.
  • The success of a pistachio orchard in California is ultimately determined by international markets and exports, even if all other aspects of production are optimal. Course participants will receive a current analysis of international markets and look into the future for pistachio production.
  • Grade sheets are an important tool to measure yield and understand potential problems in an orchard. Experts will detail the components of grade sheets to connect this important postharvest tool to future orchard management decisions.

Participants will receive a bound copy of all lecture slides, the recently published Nutrient Deficiency in Pistachio booklet, and exclusive electronic resources.

Registration is available at the following link:

Or, visit the Fruit and Nut Research and Information Center website for more information.

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