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July 02, 1999

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Paul Gepts Named Agronomy Chair

Geneticist Paul Gepts was named chair of the Department of Agronomy and Range Science effective April 1, 1999. A graduate of the University of Wisconsin, Madison, he lives in Davis with his wife and five-year-old son. Born and raised in Belgium, Gepts speaks four languages fluently and understands two additional languages. He says that this fluency has been very helpful in collaborating with people in Europe and South America. "Agronomy and Range Science is made up of people who share common goals," Gepts said. "Our department is primarily concerned with improving vegetation management, with emphasis on field crops and range plants. That will require multidisciplinary programs including approaches such as ecology, genetics, GIS, or precision agriculture." Gepts defines his two highest priorities as uniting people in multidisciplinary projects and updating facilities. Part of the faculty moves into a new building in 2002; however, planning for the department geneticists' space is not yet complete.

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Roger Boulton Inducted into 'Jurade de St. Emilion'
Roger Boulton, professor of enology and chemical engineering, Department of Viticulture & Enology, was inducted into the 'Jurade de St. Emilion,' an order of chateau owners in the St. Emilion district of Bordeaux, France. He holds honorary citizenship in the town of Bordeaux and has agreed to be guardian of the quality of wines from the district. "It was a complete surprise to me," Boulton said. "Very few outsiders are admitted to this group, so I feel very honored." The 'Jurade' just celebrated its 800th anniversary.

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Thomas Cahill Wins Clean Air Award
Professor Emeritus Thomas Cahill, Air Quality Group, was honored by the American Lung Association of Sacramento-Emigrant Trails for leadership in studying the harmful effects of the air we breathe. He received the organization's 1999 Clean Air Award in the regional category. He was honored for leading the association's Health Effects Task Force. Cahill also received national attention for findings released last year about air pollution linkage to heart attack deaths in the Central Valley. The study compared results in databases of mortality and fine-particle air pollution. "I have become more and more convinced that developing countries are mortgaging their futures by accepting horrendous air quality problems as a price for economic development," he said. "I am involved in Lung Association efforts to publicize such consequences to make governments aware and accountable."

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James Hill Honored by Ducks Unlimited
Professor James Hill, Department of Agronomy and Range Science, was honored by Ducks Unlimited for his contributions to conservation and habitat enhancement. Hill is an international authority on winter cereals agronomy. He has helped show agriculture and wildlife interests how mutually beneficial rice culture practices can be self-sustaining. Hill is on a three-year sabbatical to lead the Global Irrigated Rice Research Program for the International Rice Research Institute in Manila. He is working on a World Bank proposal with Ducks Unlimited on international rice issues and waterbird habitats.

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Gary Anderson, Edward DePeters and Deanne Meyer Honored
Professor Gary Anderson, Professor Edward DePeters and Livestock Waste Specialist Deanne Meyer of the Department of Animal Science recently received awards at the 94th annual meeting of the American Dairy Science Association in Memphis. Anderson, department chair, was honored with the Pharmacia & Upjohn Physiology Award in recognition leadership excellence in research in embryo biotechnology and physiology. Anderson and his colleagues were the first to use transgenic technology in dairy cattle. Previous awards received by Anderson include the Young Scientist Award of the Western Section of American Society of Animal Science (ASAS), the Animal Physiology and Endocrinology Award of ASAS and the UC Davis Prize for Undergraduate Teaching and Scholarly Achievement. DePeters was awarded the 1999 Nutrition Professionals, Inc. Applied Nutrition Award in recognition of the outstanding quality of his work in applied nutrition. His studies have involved three basic areas of research: how dietary protein affects milk protein synthesis by the cow; dietary modification of fatty acid composition of milk fat; and by-products being used as feeds for dairy cattle. His studies always have industry application. His research and publications have provided essential information to other scientists and to industry, where application is important. Meyer (B.S., '83, Animal Science) was presented the American Dairy Science (ADS) Foundation Scholar Award - Production Division. The award recognizes the early achievements of young scientists and their potential in research and educational leadership focused toward critical issues facing the dairy industry. Meyer is considered a national authority on research and education related to nutrient management from livestock wastes. She developed the Environmental Stewardship Short Course for California dairy producers, which is being used as a model for similar programs in other states. More than 550 producers have completed the course.

John D. Stumbos
Division of Agriculture and Natural Resources
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Environmental Health on the Ag/Urban Frontier
The Center for Environmental Health Sciences, Department of Environmental Toxicology, is hosting a town hall meeting titled Environmental Health on the Ag/Urban Frontier on Tuesday, August 17, 1999. The conference will be held at the Hyatt Regency Hotel in Sacramento from 12:00 noon to 4:30 p.m. Kenneth Olden, director, National Institute for Environmental Health Sciences, is keynote speaker. A panel of experts will discuss local environmental and human health problems. The conference is free and open to the public. A banquet luncheon is available by reservation for $10.

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Knowles A. Ryerson Award in Agriculture
Naomi Nakayama (B.S., '99, Plant Biology) of Davis is the recipient of the Knowles A. Ryerson Award in Agriculture, which recognizes high scholarship, outstanding character and promise of leadership. She attended high school in her home country of Japan and spoke very little English before arriving in the United States four years ago. Nakayama served as a proctor for a developmental plant anatomy course and peer advisor for the plant biology major. She was an active member of the Botany Club and conducted several research projects, ranging from weed science to molecular biology. "I hope to be an educator in biological science. I want to show people in my home country a more suitable approach to learning biology," she said. With an interest in the genetic analysis of plant development, she plans to enter a Ph.D. program in plant developmental biology.

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Susan F. Regan Award
The Susan F. Regan Award was presented to Gwain Evans (B.S., '99, Nutrition Science), a re-entry student who has balanced her studies with a very busy personal life. Married with three children, Evans serves as a court-appointed advocate for three young girls, cares for her 92-year-old aunt and volunteers in various school and community programs. The award, given in memory of the first dean of women at UC Davis, is presented annually to one or more outstanding senior women who "have demonstrated loyalty and unselfish service to the University of California and shown the ability and desire to continue shaping and maintaining the highest ideals." A Prytanean Honor Society committee selects recipients based on service to the university, leadership ability and scholarship. Evans served on the Dean's Student Advisory Committee for the College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences for three years and was secretary one year. She chaired the Walker Award Committee, which selected the college's 1999 outstanding staff advisor and was an academic peer advisor for the Exploratory Program. She plans to attend graduate school and work in the field of epidemiology and public health policy.

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Dennis Raveling Scholarship
The Dennis Raveling Scholarship for Waterfowl Research is awarded annually to a student with a desire to pursue a career in waterfowl or wetlands ecology. Awards are based on the candidate's resolve, high academic achievement and project merit. Candidates must be pursuing an advanced university degree in wildlife, zoology, botany, ecology or other pertinent biological science. The scholarship is intended to provide field experience and training in the tools, methods and concepts of waterfowl and wetlands research and management. A committee composed of previous students and professional colleagues of Dennis Raveling will select the winning candidate. Deadline: October 1, 1999

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National Endowment for the Humanities
National Endowment for the Humanities (NEH) Summer Stipends provide opportunities for individuals to pursue advanced work that will enhance their capacities as interpreters of the humanities and enable them to make significant contributions to through and knowledge in the humanities. Applicants may be faculty or staff members of colleges or universities, or of primary or secondary schools. Scholars and writers in various other positions may apply. NEH is accepting nominations for its 2000 Summer Stipends Program. Application Deadline: October 1, 1999

NEH online

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Rural Policy Research Institute Initiative
For nearly a decade, the Rural Policy Research Institute (RUPRI) has assessed the rural impacts of federal policies. It has identified several broad, crosscutting policy dynamics that would benefit from and lend themselves to the formation of a series of 'learning communities.' Consequently, RUPRI announces a new initiative that will create and support a 'learning network,' one dedicated to generating new and improved understanding of the relationship between place and public policy. The initiative is titled People, Place and Policy in the New Millennium. RUPRI is looking for feedback and direction before moving forward.

RUPRI online

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Thank you!
Commencement is a day of celebration for graduates, their families and friends and for the faculty, staff and alumni of the College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences. Our commencement could not have been possible without the participation of many volunteers...those who made it possible for the ceremony and all related activities to run smoothly. Thanks to all of you who made such an important contribution to our commencement celebration this year and to faculty who participated in this dramatic, memorable ceremony! COMMENCEMENT STAFF Jean Adams, Dean's Office Troy Adams, Dean's Office Annette Araujo, Nutrition Cynthia Bastidas, Dean's Office Julie Beal ,Dean's Office Johnnie Beckett, Dean's Office Sharon Berg, Dean's Office Patti Bond, Dean's Office Donna Bradshaw, Animal Science Margarita Camarena, Dean's Office Mike Campbell, Dean's Office Jocelyn Chavez, Environmental Toxicology Linda Childress, International Visitors Office Vita Cooper, Nutrition Donna Damanchyk, Dean's Office Carrie Devine, Animal Science Jo Ann Espitallier, Human & Community Development Lynn Fisher, Science & Society Susan Fishleder, Dean's Office Lori Fulton, Dean's Office Jan Hatch, Dean's Office Judy Hendrickson, Viticulture & Enology Tania Heta, LAWR - Veihmeyer Hall Jack Holmes, Dean's Office Becca Irvine, International Visitors Office Garda Johnson, Agronomy & Range Science Shirley Jordan, Dean's Office Tom Kaiser, Dean's Office Susan Kancir, Dean's Office Cheryl Kerksieck, Science & Society Yvonne Lau, Dean's Office Michelle Leinfelder, Aggie Ambassador Program Brian Linhardt, Dean's Office Marinel Loput, Dean's Office Sharon Lynch, Dean's Office Rosie Macias, Dean's Office Judy Martin, Plant Pathology Rhoda McKnight, Dean's Office Connie Melendy, Dean's Office Linda Mijangos, Human & Community Development Barbara Monroe, Dean's Office Anne Muenster, Dean's Office Ken Paulson, Dean's Office Steve Pesis, Dean's Office Cathy Pickett, Agricultural & Resource Economics Catalina Preciado, Land, Air and Water Resources Aisha Rahim, Dean's Student Advisory Committee Trish Ramos, Dean's Office Kay Resler, Biological & Agricultural Engineering Clara Robison, Food Science & Technology Maria Saldana-Seibert, Viticulture & Enology Joel Shriver, Dean's Office Amy Strayer, Dean's Office Rick Swantz, Dean's Office Silva Sweidan, Dean's Office Buffy Tanner, Environmental Design Malena Teeters, Dean's Office Sheila Walker, Dean's Office Donald Wong, Dean's Office FACULTY ADVISOR/MAJOR Everett Bandman, Food Science Keith Barton, Human Development Francine Bradley, Avian Sciences Colin Carter, Agricultural & Managerial Economics; Managerial Economics Andrew Clifford, Dietetics Community Nutrition, Nutrition Science Randy Dahlgren, Hydrologic Science Soil & Water Science Abhaya Dandekar, Biotechnology Theodore DeJong, Crop Science & Management Michael Denison, Environmental Toxicology John Eadie, Wildlife, Fish, and Conservation Biology Wildlife and Fisheries Biology Jim Fadel, Animal Science Animal Science & Management Dolph Gotelli, Design James Harding, Environmental Horticulture & Urban Forestry Martin Kenney, Applied Behavioral Sciences Community & Regional Development Carole Meredith, Viticulture & Enology Ning Pan, Textiles & Clothing Richard Plant, Agricultural Systems & Environment James Quinn, Environmental Biology & Management Seymour Schwartz, Environmental Policy Analysis & Planning Gary Smith, Food Biochemistry Joseph Stasulat, Environmental & Resource Sciences Individual Rob Thayer, Landscape Architecture Orville Thompson, International Agricultural Development Andy Waterhouse, Fermentation Science Bryan Weare, Atmospheric Science FACULTY PARTICIPANT/DEPARTMENT Caroline Bledsoe, Land, Air & Water Resources Arnold Bloom, Vegetable Crops Richard Evans, Environmental Horticulture Ian Garnett, Animal Science Louis Grivetti, Nutrition Sham Goyal, Agronomy & Range Science Jan Hopmans, Land, Air & Water Resources Judy Jernstedt, Agronomy & Range Science Stephen Kaffka, Agronomy & Range Science Rosemarie Kraft, Human & Community Development Muhammad Marrush, Pomology Jim Murray, Animal Science Beth Ober, Human & Community Development Bill Rains, Agronomy & Range Science Dennis Rolston, Land, Air & Water Resources Ken Shackel, Pomology Roger Shaw, Land, Air & Water Resources Barbara Shawcroft, Environmental Design Michael Singer, Land, Air & Water Resources Kenneth Tanji, Land, Air & Water Resources Susan Ustin, Land, Air & Water Resources Linda Whent, Agronomy & Range Sciences Robert Zasoski, Land, Air & Water Resources

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