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July 16, 1999

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CA&ES Recruits for Executive Associate Dean, Three Divisional Associate Deans

The College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences is recruiting for the positions of Executive Associate Dean (EAD) and three Divisional Associate Deans (DAD). In the absence of the dean, the EAD will serve as primary executive officer and representative of the college to the University of California, the Division of Agriculture and Natural Resources (DANR) and the general public. The EAD will be responsible for the oversight, coordination and stewardship of college resources, facilities and programs to strengthen the college's mission. The EAD will provide leadership to promote, facilitate and ensure interdivisional and intercollege collaborations and will oversee DANR programmatic and administrative issues; land use, space and capital expenditure projects; campuswide planning efforts; and human resources programs to promote a productive environment for the highest quality of scholarship and staff support. EAD candidates will be Academic Senate members of the College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences at the full-professor rank and have demonstrated and in-depth knowledge of campus, college, and DANR programs, policy and procedures. This appointment carries a .90 FTE with .10 FTE remaining in the individual's home department. Three DADs will provide programmatic leadership for the Divisions of Environmental Sciences, Agricultural Sciences and Human Sciences. Each position carries a .90 FTE responsibility with .10 FTE remaining in the individual's home department. Associate dean candidates will be Academic Senate members of the College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences at the full-professor rank and have demonstrated and well-developed knowledge of divisional programs. Proven leadership and commitment to teaching, research and outreach is essential. All candidates should have strong interpersonal skills, the ability to contribute as a member of the college leadership team and a demonstrated ability to foster an environment reflective of the campus Principles of Community. Applications and nominations for these positions are welcomed. Send a brief statement of interest or a brief letter of nomination to Interim Dean Andre Lauchli by July 30, 1999. The new college leadership team will work with the college's new dean, Neal Van Alfen, beginning September 1, 1999. Deadline: July 30, 1999

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College Wins Five NAADA Design Awards
The National Agricultural Alumni and Development Association presented the College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences with five design awards at its 24th annual conference in July held at Cornell University. The organization is comprised of alumni and development professionals from land-grant colleges of agriculture across the nation. CA&ES Outlook, the college's bi-annual alumni publication, was awarded FIRST PLACE for excellence in the "Alumni and Donor Publications, One-to-Three Color Periodical" category. The college's 90th Anniversary Brochure, developed over a period of two years and published in 1999, received a SECOND PLACE award for excellence in the "Alumni Projects: Event and Promotional Materials, Single Piece" category. The CA&ES 1998 Holiday Card received THIRD PLACE for excellence in the "Development Projects: Stewardship Materials" category. The Exotic Bird Report newsletter of the Psittacine Research Project, developed with James Millam and Chris Craig-Veit of the Department of Animal Science, was awarded THIRD PLACE for excellence in the "Development Projects: Special Campaigns and Reports" category. The Department of Entomology's presentation folder and two brochures won FIRST PLACE for excellence in the "Student Publications: Recruitment" category. Credit for the project goes to Professor Diane Ullman and Administrative Assistant Sara Casey, Department of Entomology, and Graphic Designer Adriana Perez of Editorial/Design. CA&ES Outlook, the 90th Anniversary Brochure, the 1998 Holiday Card and the Exotic Bird Report newsletter were designed and developed by Margarita Camarena and Rhoda McKnight of the Dean's Office. "This is an exciting honor for us," McKnight said. "It's always fulfilling to be acknowledged by our peers, especially in national competition. The entire college can be very proud of these awards." The 1998 Holiday Card also was recognized in June in the Apex '99 competition that recognizes excellence in graphic design, editorial content and the ability to achieve overall communications excellence. The 11th Annual Awards for Publication Excellence competition for communication professionals is sponsored annually by Communications Concepts of Springfield, Virginia. Over 4,900 projects were entered in the Apex '99 competition. NAADA also recognized Ron Schuler, member and past president of the college's Dean's Advisory Council, as 1999 NAADA Volunteer of the Year.

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Robert Price Receives USDA Group Honor Award
Robert Price, seafood products specialist, Department of Food Science & Technology, received the 1999 Secretary of Agriculture's Group Honor Award for Public Service as a member of the National Seafood HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point) Alliance. The award was given for the alliance's work in improving seafood safety. Price is a member of the National Seafood HACCP Alliance Steering Committee. For his work, Price and the alliance received Vice President Al Gore's National Performance Review Hammer Award in 1997.

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Daniel Putnam Presented Hilgard Award
Assistant Extension Agronomist Daniel Putnam, Department of Agronomy & Range Science, is recipient of the Hilgard Award for his work with the CE Statewide Alfalfa Program. Putnam assists in coordinating the California Alfalfa Symposium and recently established the California Alfalfa and Forage Association, which provides growers current information on important alfalfa issues.

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Miguel Marino Elected to ASCE
The board of directors of the American Society of Civil Engineers elected Professor Miguel Marino an honorary member of its society. He was recognized for mastery of surface and subsurface hydrologic processes and his methodologies to plan, design and manage water resources engineering projects. Marino has served as interim associate director of the Centers for Water and Wildland Resources since October 1998. He resumed full-time faculty responsibilities in the Department of Land, Air & Water Resources effective July 1. Marino continues to be associated with the centers as permanent secretary to the Rosenberg International Forum on Water Policy.

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Mikal Saltveit Recognized by ASHS
Professor Mikal Saltveit, Department of Vegetable Crops, was recognized by the American Society for Horticultural Science for the most outstanding cross-commodity research paper published by the society in 1998. This was the third such award for an outstanding research paper that Dr. Saltveit received from the society. The refereed article is titled "Acetaldehyde or basic pH causes in vitro and non-enzymatic cleavage of ACC to ethylene." Co-authors were former graduate student John C. Beaulieu and visiting scientist Ednia Pesis.

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Xiaojia Ge Recognized by NCFR
The National Council for Family Research recently recognized Associate Professor Xiaojia Ge, Department of Human & Community Development, for an outstanding article combining theory and research. His article, "The Developmental Interface Between Nature and Nurture: A Mutual Influence Model of Child Antisocial Behavior and Parent Behavior," was published in Developmental Psychology.

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Terrell Salmon Returns to WFCB
The Division of Agriculture and Natural Resources announced that Terrell Salmon is leaving his position as regional manager of DANR's northern region and resumes his specialist role in the Department of Wildlife, Fish, and Conservation Biology effective in July. His focus will be on wildlife damage management research and extension programs. .

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IPM Manual for Pear and Apple Growers
University of California's Statewide Integrated Pest Management Project has released its revised comprehensive reference book for growers of apples and pears, the second edition of Integrated Pest Management for Apples & Pears. It contains information developed by UC Cooperative Extension specialists, county farm advisors, experiment station scientists and industry representatives. Gary Moberg, the center's new director, sees CABA as playing an The 232-page manual has more than 250 color photographs, line drawings and tables to help readers identify, monitor and manage more than 140 different pest problems. A companion slide set contains 214 images from the manual.

More information availableonline

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Thanks to Shirley O'Hearn!
Our apologies to Shirley O'Hearn of the Dean's Office whose name was omitted from the list of commencement volunteers acknowledged in the last issue of CA&ES Currents.

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