Cooperative Extension Specialists

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Ajwa, Husein A.
(831) 755-2823
Soil and water management, methyl bromide alternatives, cool-season vegetables. Crop and Ecosystem Sciences Section
Al-Khatib, Kassim
(530) 752-8350
Weed ecology and integrated weed management. Pesticide drift.



Barrett, Diane M.
(530) 752-4800
Effects of raw material characteristics (cultivar, maturity, organic/conventional production etc.) and processing (aseptic, canning, drying, freezing, high pressure, etc.) on color, texture, flavor and nutritional quality of fruit and vegetable products.
Berry, Steven L
(530) 752-1279
Dairy management and health; records analysis; interrelationships of disease, management, and economics; hoof health and lameness in dairy cattle; infectious and non-infectious diseases; management factors; cow comfort, periparturitent diseases and their relationship to productivity and culling.
Blank, Steven C.
(530) 752-0823
Financial management, risk and decision-making, risk management tools, management methods
Bradley, Francine A
(530) 752-6316
Efficiency of California poultry and game bird producers, both commercial and non-commercial; management, biosecurity fertility and hatchability, niche marketing; youth programs; history of women in poultry production.
Bruhn, Christine M
(530) 752-2774
Consumer Issues in food safety and quality and new technolgies such as food irradiation and biotechnology.
Butler, Leslie J
(530) 752-3681
Dairy production, marketing and policy, agricultural and natural resource policy, biotechnology, technological change, public policy issues



Campbell, David C
(530) 754-4328
Intersection between public policy and community development processes at the local level focusing on governance, civic engagement, citizenship, and economic development.
Cantwell, Marita
(530) 752-7305
Postharvest physiology, handling, and storage of vegetables, including specialty and fresh cut vegetables. Horticulture Section
Conte, Fred S
(530) 752-7689
Research interests: Software simulation for shellfish sanitation, information transfer and commercial sturgeon production.
Cook, Roberta L
(530) 752-1531
Fruit and Vegetable Marketing, Food Distribution, International Competition and Trade, Mexican Horticultural Industry, Food safety
Craigmill, Arthur L
(530) 752-2936
Cooperative extension programs in human, veterinary and environmental toxicology. Field and laboratory research on pesticide biodegradation, and pharmacokinetics of chemical residues in livestock.
Crisosto, Carlos
(559) 646-6596
Postharvest handling systems to maintain quality and safety of stone fruit and kiwifruit. Horticulture Section



Davis, R. Michael
(530) 752-0303
Diseases of vegetable and field crops, mushroom production.
DeJong, Theodore M.
(530) 752-1843
Environmental plant physiology; photosynthetic efficiency of tree crops relative to the utilization of nitrogen, water, and solar radiation. Horticulture Section
Dewees, C M
((530)) 752-1497
Marine fisheries; human dimensions of fisheries management; commercial fisheries technology.
DiTomaso, Joseph M.
((530)) 754-8715
Taxonomy, ecology, physiology, and control of rangeland, forestry and wetland weeds; poisonous plants. Crop and Ecosystem Sciences Section



Evans, Richard Y
(530) 752-6617
Management of commercial flower and nursery crops; nutrition of ornamental plants; container soil-plant interactions; propagation, production, and field establishment of plants for ecological restoration. Section: Primary - Horticulture; Secondary - Crop and Ecosystem Sciences



Fennimore, Steven A.
(831) 755-2896
Integrated pest management of landscape, agricultural and garden pests; biological control of arthropod pests; alternatives to pesticides; adoption of alternative practices by practitioners; innovative delivery of pest management information.
Ferguson, Louise
(559) 737-3061
Pistachios, olives, figs, citrus, persimmons. Horticulture Section
Fidelibus, Matthew W
(559) 646-6510
Applied and basic research on grapes for raisin, table, and wine.
Flint, Mary Louise
(530) 752-7692
Integrated pest management of landscape, agricultural and garden pests; biological control of arthropod pests; alternatives to pesticides; adoption of alternative practices by practitioners; innovative delivery of pest management information.



George, Melvin R.
(530) 752-1720
Range and pasture improvement, grazing management, rangeland water quality; rangeland management practices; ranch planning. Crop and Ecosystem Sciences Section
Godfrey, Larry D
(530) 752-0473
Integrated pest management of insects and mites in field and vegetable crops; plant (physiological and yield) response to insect injury, refinement of economic thresholds, IPM of field and vegetable crops.
Goldhamer, David A
(530) 752-5448
Water management of horticultural crops; plant-water relations
Golino, Deborah A
(530) 754-8102
Fruit crop clean stock programs; Viral diseases of grapevines and fruit trees; Vector plant pathology; Phytosanitary regulations and law.
Grattan, Stephen R
(530) 752-4618
Salinity effects on plants at the plant and field scale; agricultural drainage water reuse and management; salinity-trace element interactions in plants; evapotranspiration.
Grieshop, James I
(530) 752-3008
Community leadership, risk perception and health and safety, non-formal education, and communication and adoption of innovations.
Grosholz, Edwin D
(530) 752-9151
Population dynamics and community ecology, invasion biology, conservation biology and biodiversity of marine and estuarine systems, applications of ecological theory to coastal management problems.
Gubler, W. Douglas
(530) 752-0304
Research interests include biology, epidemiology and control of foliar pathogens of fruit crops with emphasis on grapevine and strawberry diseases.



Hardesty, Shermain D.
(530) 752-0467
Cooperative Theory, Management and Finance, and Food Marketing and Policy
Harris, Linda J.
(530) 754-9485
Microbial food safety with emphasis on fruits, vegetables and tree nuts, applied microbiology
Harter, Thomas
(530) 752-6998
Flow and transport processes in groundwater and in the vadose zone; non-point source pollution of groundwater; groundwater remediation; groundwater resources management; geostatistics; stochastic analysis; numerical modeling.
Hartz, Timothy K
(530) 752-1738
Culture and management of warm season vegetables; soil and plant fertility; crop stand establishment. Horticulture Section
Hill, James E
(530) 752-3458
Conducts research and education programs on rice based cropping systems with focus on production technologies such as direct seeding; weed control; nutrition; residue management; and the relationship of these factors to environmental quality. Crop and Ecosystem Sciences Section
Hutmacher, Robert B
(661) 746-8020
Conducts research and extension education programs in cotton production systems and irrigation management and plant water stress. In cotton, research efforts include varietal evaluations, irrigation and nutrient management, use of plant growth regulators, and cultural controls and host plant resistance to deal with specific fungal diseases. Crop and Ecosystem Sciences Section





Jackson, Leland F
(530) 752-0701
Growth development and plant breeding of small grain diseases; pathogen variability host resistance and genetics of host/parasite interaction; integrated pest management and integrated crop management; agricultural systems. Crop and Ecosystem Sciences Section
Jackson, Louise E
(530) 754-9116
Soil microbial carbon and nitrogen cycling; Mycorrhizae; Plant water relations and nutrient uptake; Organic and conventional vegetable production; Reduced tillage systems; Grassland restoration ecology.
Johnson, R. Scott
(559) 646-6547
Freestone peaches, nectarines, plums, kiwifruit, apples. Horticulture Section
Joy, Amy B
(530) 752-7959
Community nutrition, with an emphasis on improving the nutritional status of high risk audiences. Current areas of research are: (a) development and testing of nutrition education methodologies; (b) identification of dietary intake patterns and nutrition-related practices of high-risk audiences; (c) development of new ways to measure nutritional status; and (d) nutrition education interventions for improving nutritional status in high-risk audiences.



Kader, Adel A
(530) 752-0909
Quality of fruits and nuts in relation to their postharvest biology and technology. Horticulture Section
Kaffka, Stephen R
(530) 752-8108
Investigates ways to improve crop production efficiency and environmental quality relative to crop prodution. Works at the commodity and farming systems levels. Crop and Ecosystem Sciences Section
Kaiser, Lucia L.
(530) 754 9063
Examining the impact of acculturation and food security on the child-parent feeding relationship among Latinos, developing tools to evaluate nutrition education, and evaluating lifeskills education on transition from welfare to work.
King, Nicelma J
(530) 752-3863
Career and College Choice; Family Studies; Evaluating Human Resources Programs
Klonsky, Karen M
(530) 752-3563
Farm management and Production, Sustainable Agriculture and Organic Agriculture



Lanini, W. Tom
(530) 752-4476
Low input weed control in vegetables and agronomic crops. Crop and Ecosystem Sciences Section
Lanzaro, Gregory C.
(530) 752-5652
Population and molecular genetics of insect vectors of human disease
Lampinen, Bruce D.
(530) 752-2588
Coordination of extension teaching and research activities for almonds and walnuts on a statewide basis. Horticulture Section
Larson, Kirk
949 857 0136
Strawberry biology and production management, and development of improved strawberry cultivars. Horticulture Section
Lieth J. Heiner
(530) 752-7198
Crop ecology of greenhouse and nursery crops; greenhouse environment control automation; modeling of ornamental crops; automated irrigation. Section: Primary - Horticulture; Secondary - Crop and Ecosystem Sciences



Meyer, Deanne
(530) 752-9391
Animal waste management.
Mitcham, Elizabeth J
(530) 752-7512
Alternatives to postharvest chemicals for control of insects, decay and physiological disorders; fruit responses to postharvest handling systems. Apple, pear, cherry, blueberry, strawberry, table grapes, walnut, almond, pistachio, tropical fruit. Horticulture Section
Mitchell, Jeffrey P
559 646 6565
Conservation farming systems. Conservation tillage production alternatives. Air, soil and water quality in reduced till systems. Cropping diversity, rotations, and intensification in no-till production. Crop and Ecosystem Sciences Section
Mitloehner, Frank M.
(530) 752-3936
Air quality research related to livestock production, especially quantification of ammonia, dust, and odor emissions in dairies, beef feedlots, and poultry operations; environmental physiology research, focusing on effects of air emissions on animal health and welfare.
Mussen, Eric C
(530) 752-0472
Managing honey bees and wild bees for maximum field production, while minimizing pesticide damage to pollinator populations.




O'Geen, Anthony T.
(530) 752-2155
Soil-landscape relationships, hydropedology, application of digital soil databases, soil survey; pedologic and hydrologic characterization of deep regolith; management of soil physical properties; macro- and mesofauna in soil.
Oki, Lorence R
(530) 754 4135
Irrigation managment in urban horticulture; water quality effects on plant growth; Evaluation and introduction of California native plants for use in landscape horticulture. Section: Primary - Horticulture; Secondary - Crop and Ecosystem Sciences
Oltjen, James W
(530) 752-5650
On-farm animal management systems; on-farm implementation of strategies to reduce the environmental impact of cows.
Ontai, Lenna L
(530) 752-6410
Research focuses on understanding early socialization processes between parents and young children. This research program aims to understand factors that affect parents' socialization efforts such as income and cultural background. She is active in translating and disseminating current research findings in the areas of parenting, early social development and child care to programs for families with young children.



Pettygrove, G. Stuart
(530) 752-2533
Soil fertility, nitrate and phosphate pollution of water, dairy manure management, precision agriculture and site-specific farming, land application of wastes and wastewaters.
Ponzio, Richard C
(530) 752-8824
Development and assessment of science education and science literacy programs in non-school settings, developing critical thinking skills using science content and methodology, teacher education and teacher partnerships for inquiring into improved instruction strategies, school reform issues, using student portfolios for assessing accomplishment.
Prichard, Terry
(209) 468-2086
Irrigation water management; water infiltration; crop water requirements.
Putnam, Daniel H
(530) 752-8982
Alfalfa and forage crops systems, alternative field crops, crop ecology. Crop and Ecosystem Sciences Section





Reid, Michael S
(530) 754-6751
Postharvest technology; handling and marketing of environmental plants; postharvest physiology; physiology of flowering; chilling injury; action of ethylene; molecular biology of flower senescence. Section: Primary - Horticulture; Secondary - Agricultural Plant Biology
Robinson, Peter H
(530) 754-7565
On-farm animal management systems; on-farm implementation of strategies to reduce the environmental impact of cows.
Rosenberg, Moshe
(530) 752-4682
Food engineering, food technology, dairy chemistry, dairy technology, dairy products, food microstructure, microencapsulation.



Salmon, Terrell P
(858) 694-2864
Ecology, behavior, population dynamics, and control of vertebrates with particular emphasis on those affecting agricultural production and public health. Population simulation and wildlife damage control decision-making models. Development of Integrated Pest Management programs for various wildlife species. Dissemination of information to agricultural producers, wildlife managers and others dealing with both new and existing techniques of reducing wildlife damage.
Sandoval Solis, Samuel
(530) 752-2533
Sustainable water resource systems. Shared-vision water planning. Modeling and decision-support systems. Environmental restoration and conservation. Climate change and water management strategies.
Schwankl, Larry
(559) 646-6500
Drip, sprinkler, and flood irrigation systems with emphasis on irrigation of trees and vines. Irrigation system maintenance and chemigation. Irrigation scheduling using soil moisture monitoring and evapotranspiration techniques.
Snyder, Richard L
(530) 752-4628
Irrigation scheduling; freeze/frost protection; evapotranspiration modeling.
Subbarao, Krishnamurthy V
(408) 755 2890
Epidemiology and integrated control of fungal diseases of vegetables, cool-season vegetables, verticillium of strawberries, lettuce and other crops, methyl bromide alternatives.
Suslow, Trevor V.
(530) 754-8313
Integrated technologies for posthavest quality; postharvest pathology and biocontrol; food safety; postharvest quality and safety issues; refrigerated transportation. Horticulture Section



Tate, Kenneth W.
(530) 754-8988
Rangeland hydrology, water quality, nonpoint source pollution, grazing management. Crop and Ecosystem Sciences Section
Temple, Steven R
(530) 752-8216
Agronomy and host plant resistance breeding of grain legumes, sustainable farming systems. Crop and Ecosystem Sciences Section
Thompson, James F
(530) 752-6167
Postharvest operations including drying and refrigeration of fruits, vegetables, cut flowers, tree nuts, and grains; transportation of agricultural commodities; energy management and alternative energy systems.
Thompson, Lisa C
(530) 754-5732
Adaptive management of anadromous and inland fish populations; population dynamics modeling; impacts of dams and other water diversions on aquatic ecosystems; lake fertilization; food webs in rivers, lakes and reservoirs; terrestrial-aquatic linkages in watersheds.
Townsend, Marilyn S.
(530) 754-9222
Evaluation studies of intervention programs and integrates theories and methodologies from cognitive psychology with dietary behavior change strategies. Nutrition education (research and programs) with an emphasis on children and adolescents. She is involved in theory-driven program development and implementation, nutrition educational methodologies and program evaluation. Her work also involves health behavior change strategies.

Trzesniewski, Kali
(530) 752-2595

How personality and social factors influence a person’s development from conception to death. How to raise children to be healthy, productive members of society. The developmental origins, developmental course, and interrelations among self-esteem, achievement, and antisocial behavior.





Van Eenennaam, Alison
(530) 752-7942
Animal genomics, biotechnology.



Westerdahl, Becky B
(530) 752-1405
Applied nematology, integrated pest management; nematology extension.
Winter, Carl K
(530) 752-5448
Food toxicology, risk assessment, risk communication.
Wolpert, James A
(530) 754 6245
Improvement of cultural practices for winegrapes.







Zaccaria, Daniele
(530) 752-4628
Irrigation Specialist
Zalom, Frank G
(530) 752-0275
Integrated Pest Management (IPM), Tree Crops, Small Fruits, and Vegetable Crops Entomology, Water Quality, Invasive Species
Zeidler, Gideon
(951) 827-5038
Food quality processing and safety.
Zidenberg-Cherr, Sheri A
(530) 752-3817
A major focus is the study of the nutritional status of populations considered at risk of nutritional deficiencies and exposure to environmental and physiological stresses. Another aspect involves the development and testing of new approaches to educate the public such as through the education of primary targets for consumer questions, i.e. physicians.
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