Dean's Student Advisory Committee

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The DSAC is the student group that the dean solicits for student input on how academic and administrative issues might affect students. Established in 1977, the committee has been very involved in college issues. DSAC is a committee of students, run by students, representing students. The committee's input and opinions are not only important to the dean, but also to many college committees and campus administrators.


Besides providing direct student input to the dean and college committees, committee members facilitate intra-college communications between students, teachers and researchers, address topics of concern for students, faculty and administrators and act upon decisions made by the committee.


Each major within the college should have a minimum of two representatives from the pool of applicants. Representatives serve on the committee for a minimum of one year. The dean and associate deans serve as ex-officio members.


Three members of the committee serve in the officer postions of chair, co-chair, and secretary. The officers are responsible for planning meetings, acting upon decisions of DSAC, and serving as representatives to the college's executive committee.

Committee Representatives

DSAC members also represent the students of the college on seven standing committees and subcommittees and three dean's advisory committees. Representatives attend the committee meetings and report regularly at the general DSAC meetings.


Once a month in an informal atmosphere the DSAC meets to discuss issues and conduct business. All members are expected to attend regularly, and attendance is taken at each meeting. If a member misses two or more meetings without notifying the DSAC chair or the Dean's Office, the member's participation in DSAC will be terminated. At the end of the year all active members will receive a certificate of membership.

DSAC Application

If you have further questions please stop by the Dean's Office in 150 Mrak Hall or call (530) 752-0108.

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