Alex Fried

Jun 18, 2013 Cal Doval

Senior, ANS
I am a 4th year Animal Science major emphasizing in Captive and Companion animals; Davis was my first choice school however I did not get in until my sophomore year of college. Jumping into UC Davis from a semester school was hard on me because I could see how much more competitive Davis was from my previous school, University of Massachusetts- Amherst.

Joining a sorority helped because it gave me 100 girls to talk to about how they balance their lives. On a quarter system you have to learn how to juggle your course load, a social life and extracurricular to improve your hands on experience. You wont always be able to do it all but by the end of your years at UC Davis if you have learned how to balance them all and still be sane then you will do well in the real world after college. Life is all about balancing and once you figure out what works for you stick with it.

College is all about experimenting. Not just with the fun side but also with your study techniques, your workload and your ability to stay up late to make sure your ready for a test.  Another piece of advice would be to not declare your major until you have explored what you are really interested in and want to learn during your four years because loving what I am learning and loving being apart of the animal science group is the only way I made it through the hard classes.

The most unique experience I have had at UC Davis is studying for animal science classes because there are so many laughs when it comes to animals. I knew I was an animal science major when I tell people I have to go breed my cows, when my animal crackers help me study and when someone talks about A.I. I assume they mean Artificial Insemination not Artificial Intelligence.

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