Chase DeCoite

Jun 18, 2013 Cal Doval

Senior Animal Science major, San Jose, CA

Why did you choose UC Davis?


When I went to high school I knew that I wanted to major in Animal Science, everyone I knew suggested UC Davis because it has such a premier Animal Science program and veterinary school.  After a couple visits and hearing from alumni I realized that UC Davis was the place for me.  It was easy to see that UC Davis provided it’s students with more resources and tools for success than any other university I applied to.  The campus truly felt as if they wanted their students to succeed.  At the same time UC Davis students have a drive and passion for their interests that I believe is unmatched, students here don’t just go to class they go the extra mile to make a difference and develop themselves into the best they can be—that inspires me.

What is your favorite class?

I have quite a few classes I could talk about off hand each with a different reason for why I enjoyed it, however a class that always stands out in my mind is my Livestock Production course (ANS 41).  This class gives students a realistic and practical approach to farm animal production; in addition it is coupled with a lab that goes on field trips to local farms and ranches so students can see what happens on an everyday operating farm.  Students also gain hands on experience with the animals housed on campus ensuring students understand all the different practices that are done on the farm and why.

How would you describe the professors?

The professors with my major are always excited and down to earth.  They are always understanding and willing to work with students.  It’s not uncommon to walk through Meyer hall and see students and professors chatting.  It really is a great feeling when professors in your department know you by name.

Where is your favorite spot on campus?

On central campus my favorite spot is the Memorial Union (MU) and Quad—this area shows the life of UC Davis and connects back to the history of our school.  Walking down the quad is awesome on each side you will see students throwing a Frisbee or football, or students studying and hanging out with friends.  The MU is always busy with students studying or meeting up with friends for lunch at the Coffee House.  The MU and the Quad are a great place to see what UC Davis is all about. 

Which student services do you recommend the most?

I think students really need to utilize the advising services that our campus provides, whether that is meeting with your major advisor or the Dean’s Office, all the advisors are extremely nice and really looking to help you succeed! Another great resource is the Student Academic Success Center, which provides workshops and tutoring to students for challenging classes and essay writing tips.

How is your UC Davis education preparing you for your career choice?

UC Davis provides the resources and the education to prepare students for any career.  In fact it is through various campus organizations that my eyes have been opened to the countless career options that I have with my degree.  I know that I will have a job in agriculture after I graduate from UC Davis and may possibly gain a masters degree.  But I know that whatever career I choose UC Davis will have prepared me to be successful.  More than learning how things are done UC Davis gives students the why.  If we as students understand the why we can develop how things are done in the future. 

Why should other students consider UC Davis?

Students should always consider UC Davis because of what the campus has to offer.  Many of the majors at UC Davis are unique within the University of California system and unique within California.  This campus provides students with the tools and resources necessary to succeed and provides students with a comprehensive education that ensures when an Aggie graduates they are ready and prepared for a bright future—there is a reason one in every 100 Californians is an Aggie!

What do you do for fun?

I think the best way to have fun is to be involved and active with your friends.  In addition to my school work I am active in several campus organizations and through this involvement have built the best friendships of my life.  I am currently the President of Aggie Ambassadors, an Officer for my fraternity, Alpha Gamma Rho, an professional and social agricultural fraternity.  I work in the Dean’s Office for the College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences and am a current Barn Resident for the Beef Unit in the Animal Science Department.  For me staying busy is fun, but no matter what you do I suggest to get involved early!

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