Jacob Gomez

Jun 18, 2013 Cal Doval

Choosing the right college was by far the hardest choice I have ever made thus far. UC Davis was the right fit for me, in the sense that it was the perfect environment that I felt I could function in. It had the perfect balance of academics and a social atmosphere.

My favorite class this far would most definitely be Plant Science 21. If you have a pulse, you can pass.

The professors at UC Davis are no different than any other place. They are extremely approachable and act just like another individual. You can commonly catch them downtown or eating around campus and easily start a conversation.

My favorite spot on campus would have to be the Silo. Easy choice for me since it has all of the food choices I could ever look for!

The student service I would recommend the most would have to be peer advising, simply because peer advisers are usually closer to our own age and easy to relate to. If you have any questions regarding school or life, they are the perfect person to help guide you in the right direction.  

My UC Davis education is preparing me for my career choice of a Large Animal Veterinarian as it is allowing me to learn not just in the classroom, but outside as well. We commonly do “hands on” labs outside and interact with animals. I feel that this type of practical knowledge will benefit me the most in the end.

Other students should at least consider UC Davis simply because it truly has something for everyone. Whether you are into kayaking, athletics, or agriculture, you can easily find a club or organization that shares the exact same interest as you do.

For fun, I enjoy playing with my animals as well as my favorite sport of all, basketball.

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