Jess Connor

Jun 18, 2013 Cal Doval

Freshman, ANS
I always knew I wanted to go to UC Davis because of its reputation for animals, specifically the vet school.  I wanted to be a vet since I was in kindergarten so naturally it was my top choice for college.  While everyone was raving about the vet school, that was pretty much all it was known for since it was out in the middle of nowhere with the cows.  While I was excited to be attending UC Davis and getting that much closer to my future career, I was bummed that there wouldn’t be anything else to do.  In high school I was always the one who was involved in too much.

Coming into Davis I basically had the mentality that I would be bored out of my mind when I wasn’t studying like crazy.  Little did I know how wrong I actually was.  I decided to rush a sorority and I looked up many different clubs and organizations I was interested in.  On top of the sorority I also joined a dance troupe, various intramural sports, and interest clubs like Vet Aide club.

Now I barely have anytime to myself even with the little amount of things I’m involved in.  Although when I do have a little me time I found that Davis is anything but boring.  Since the campus is so close to downtown it’s hard not to check out what’s going on there.  My favorite thing to do is visit the farmer’s market because they sell such interesting stuff and you can get a little insight to how Davis life is with all the families and students mingling there.

The feel of the town is so friendly and cheerful you can’t help but feel at home and overall content.  My advice to prospective students would be to not worry about Davis being uninteresting since there’s so much to explore here it’s impossible to be bored.  I would tell them to try to be as involved as you can throughout the campus because you’ll have an even greater experience once you do.

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