Mariya Johnita Lanni-Cradit

Jun 18, 2013 Cal Doval


My name is Johnita and I'm a fourth year Animal Science major from Vallejo, California.  I chose UC Davis because of the excellent Animal Science program and the opportunity for so much hands-on experience with animals right on campus.  I love all of my Animal Science classes, but probably my favorite one so far is ANS 124, a class completely about Lactation.  We studied everything from the development of mammary glands to the proteins in milk.  We also had an amazing opportunity to do a class project during which we induced lactation in virgin cows.  The best part about the class was that the project actually worked and we got to spend a ton of time one-on-one with the professor.  He was extremely helpful and his class let us gain insight into the kind of research that is actually performed in the field of animal science!  The professors are all amazingly passionate about their subject of expertise!  They always invite students to ask questions and come to office hours for help if they are falling behind in a class or don't understand something.  My favorite spot on campus is the Coffee House.  It's always packed with students chatting, doing homework, eating, and sometimes even sleeping.  I love going there because I can meet up with a bunch of my friends and relax and eat any of the AMAZING food they serve there.  And the coffee is half price during finals week!  You can't beat that!  I would absolutely recommend every student to go to the Student Academic Success Center!  The SASC is the reason I survived Calculus and Organic Chemistry.  The drop-in tutoring hours are invaluable and the tutors are fantastic!  My UC Davis education is preparing me to go into the field of Animal Science armed with a ton of hands-on animal experience and the course work to back it up.  I'm a member of the Cal Aggie Marching Band-uh! and I can't think of anything more fun than that!  I get to rock out with 250 of my best friends every week while cheering on the Aggies or playing for members of the community!

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