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The college addresses critical issues related to agriculture, food systems, the environment, and human and social sciences.

Evolutionary Bio Key To Solving Global Problems

Sep 12, 2014 Study: evolutionary biology must be used to overcome global agriculture challenges.

New 3-Day Pistachio Production Course

Sep 12, 2014 UC Davis is now offers a three-day pistachio production course.

Fast-Tracking Low Emission Cars

Sep 08, 2014 Chinese auto group and UC Davis partner toward speeding up energy-efficient vehicle development.

Diversity of Mexican Maize Declining

Sep 02, 2014 New study reveals a troubling loss of genetic diversity for corn growing in Mexico.

Chicken Gene Shines Light On Birth Defects

Sep 02, 2014 Cause of craniofacial abnormalities related to gene mutation.

Beetle Flight Findings May Help Walnut Trees

Aug 29, 2014 Research shows environmental conditions influence behavior of walnut twig beetle.

Drought Spotlight

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Biodigester turns campus waste into campus energy

The university and Sacramento-based technology partner CleanWorld are officially unveiling the UC Davis Renewable Energy Anaerobic Digester (READ) at the campus’ former landfill.

Why Peaches Started Tasting Better

By letting it ripen before being shipped to grocery stores, the fruit is consistently sweeter, better tasting and not mealy.There's only one UC Davis.

My View of the Drought

An inside look at how the 2013-14 drought in Northern California has affected a family-owned and operated cattle & hay ranch in Sierra Valley.

Research Grows the Confidence of California Tomato Growers

California produces 96 percent of the country's processed tomatoes. Growers in the Golden State collaborate with UC Davis to keep up with pest, disease and water management on that crop.

Building a better bean

Plant scientist Paul Gepts and his research team hope to develop a hardy, nutritious bean that thrives with less water.

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