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The College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences at UC Davis is the #1 college of its kind in the world. Through research, education, and outreach, we produce a better world, healthier lives, and an improved standard of living for everyone by addressing critical issues related to agriculture, food systems, the environment, and human and social sciences. Join our community

Farmland may provide key to replenishing groundwater

Feb 04, 2016 Replenishing supply may benefit everyone in the drought-stricken Golden State.

UC Davis Named Global Leader on Environment

Jan 28, 2016 An international survey has ranked UC Davis No. 3 in the world in environmental sustainability.

Flooding Farms in the Rain to Restore Groundwater

Jan 28, 2016 Despite rain, California is still in a drought. Scientists are banking water as a sunny day fund.

When groundwater pumping isn’t an option

Jan 27, 2016 In many areas of California growers can't extract fresh water from the subsurface.

Challenges arise as groundwater draws down

Jan 20, 2016 California's "hidden" resource pressured as never before.


Jan 15, 2016 UC Davis scientists shed light on groundwater use, while farmers and others share their perspectives.


Joel Viloria Mueller Family Group Shot 150722 Dean Dillard Video

Sustainable Winemaking

Professor Roger Boulton explains the water and energy saving features that contribute to sustainable winemaking at the UC Davis Teaching and Research Winery in a video provided by Jackson Family Wines.

One of a Kind: Joel Viloria

“My trainer used to say, ‘There’s nothing better for the inside of a man or a woman than the outside of a horse.’ An animal of this size is very powerful, so part of that connection is built on respect and a healthy bit of fear.”

One California: The Future of Farming

UC Davis works with California growers, ranchers and producers to promote healthy, sustainable agriculture. From our land-grant university tradition to our renowned College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences and School of Veterinary Medicine, UC Davis is growing the future of agriculture with farmers like the Mullers every day.

Keeping It Fresh

The UC Davis Postharvest Technology Center works to reduce postharvest losses and improve the quality, safety, and marketability of fresh horticultural products.

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