How the winery of the future is taking shape

Apr 24, 2014 John Stumbos University of California, Davis
Executives learn about technological advances to address key winemaking issues.

April 24, 2014
(from Wines & Vines)

David E. Block, professor and chair of the Department of Viticulture and Enology, described how technology is shaping the winery of the future to attendees of the UC Davis Wine Executive Program held in March.

Viticulture and enology professors, from left, David Block, Roger Boulton, and Andy Waterhouse in the Teaching and Research Winery at UC Davis. (photo: John Stumbos/UC Davis)
The focus of his presentation, according to the April 2014 issue of Wines & Vines, was incorporating new technology into winemaking, both in the production of wine and in improving management of utilities and waste. Some of the key issues facing the wine industry include increasing wine quality, reducing processing costs, and increasing sustainability while better managing natural resources.

“Few places have done more to further the science of winemaking than the University of California, Davis,” the article states. Author Paul Franson cites a previous Wines & Vines article, On Campus, Off the Grid, that described how advanced winemaking technology is taking shape in the Teaching and Research Winery and the Jess S. Jackson Sustainable Winery Building.

Technological improvements are improving the ability of winemakers to field test compounds in grapes to know when to harvest and also to better manage fermentation. Sorting of grapes with image-analyzing machines and use of sensors to manage grape pressing are other areas of technological interest.

Block also referred to technologies to conserve resources and treat waste. One example is the clean-in-place systems that use automated systems to clean at lower costs, with fewer personnel and with less time, materials, and waste. Managing carbon dioxide and minimizing water use are other areas Block addressed.

(Read the full article, The Winery of the Future, by Paul Franson in the April 2014 issue of Wines & Vines.)

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  • David Block, Department of Viticulture and Enology, UC Davis, 530-752-0381, [email protected]

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