Animal Science

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Learn about the biology, management and utilization of domestic and captive animals, by focusing on modern, efficient, and humane ways to make the best use and care of the animals people encounter on a daily basis.

The Animal Science major is devoted to the sciences central to understanding biological function of domestic and captive animals, their care, management, and utilization by people for food, fiber, companionship and recreation. Advances in science and technology, and an ever-growing human population, have increased the complexity of issues surrounding the care and management of animals. Specializations within the major allow students to develop a scientific appreciation of animals and their relationship to their environment. Graduates in Animal Science are able to advance the science and technology of animal care and management in an objective and effective manner for the betterment of animals and society.

The program

The curriculum provides depth in the biological and physiological sciences and allows students to specialize within the broad field of applied animal science. Study begins with introductory courses in animal science, biology, chemistry, mathematics, and statistics. Students undertake advanced courses in animal behavior, biochemistry, genetics, nutrition, and physiology and the integration of these sciences to animal function, growth, reproduction, and lactation. Students complete the curriculum by choosing a specialization in either an animal science discipline (behavior, biochemistry, genetics, nutrition, or physiology) or in the sciences particular to a class of animals (aquatic, avian, companion and captive, equine, laboratory, livestock and dairy, or poultry).


  • Animal Science with a Disciplinary Focus
  • Aquatic Animals
  • Avian Sciences
  • Companion and Captive Animals
  • Equine Science
  • Laboratory Animals
  • Livestock and Dairy
  • Poultry

Career options

  • Agribusiness
  • Agricultural and Food Scientist
  • Agricultural Educator
  • Animal Behaviorist
  • Animal Care Technician
  • Animal Nutritionist
  • Aquaculturist
  • Cooperative Extension Agent
  • Dairy, Pig and Poultry Farmer
  • Dentist
  • Farm Advisor
  • Journalist
  • Rancher
  • Sales/Marketing  Specialist for animal care/food products
  • USDA Inspector
  • Veterinarian

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